Servicing & Repairs

Servicing and Repairs at Junction 28



We can replace your brakes from only £90. Your car's brake pads and discs are so important when it comes to your ability to drive your car. It's possible that over time, your discs and pads will need replacing. Due to the prevention of them becoming worn out and causing more issues.

  • Warning signs that your brakes need replacing

    • Squealing noises
    • Juddering
    • Increased stopping distance
    • Pulling to one side

Junction 28 Remaps Brakes

If you're worried about your brakes condition, then don't hesitate to call into us at Junction 28 Remaps. As trained experts, we will fully inspect your core brake components for damage and rust spots which could affect vehicle performance. Our inspections look at the condition and wear on your brake discs, pads and shoes, the condition of calipers/wheel cylinders, brake pipes (for leaks or corrison), brake lights, handbrake cable and linkages, brake drums and fluids. This extensive check will give you a clear overview of your car's braking capabilities and health.

Engine Carbon Cleaning

At Junction 28 Remaps, we're offering engine carbon cleaning now from only £45 for a 60 minute treatment with a FREE fuel additive for either petrol or diesel. This cleaning system helps remove that excess carbon which can lead to poor running issues.

MOT Drop Off Service

Looking for a trustworthy garage to take care of the hassle of taking your car to the garage? Well here we are. For those who are busy but in need of an MOT, we're your guys. We're offering an MOT Drop Off to a testing centre from £40.

As well as being ECU Remapping Specialists in Sutton-in-Ashfield Nottinghamshire, we offer a range of services and repairs from £30 an hour.

Junction 28 Remaps Shock Absorbers


Our experts carry out checks on your suspension to ensure that your car is safe and legal to drive on the road. We recommend that you get your suspension checked annually. This is due to the advantage of spotting any potential issues early on, before they lead to potentially larger and costlier problems.

  • Common suspension problems

    • Pulling to one side
    • Difficult steering
    • Bouncing when breaking
    • One corner sits low
    • Driving, rolling and leaning


Whether your clutch feels abit off when you're using it, or you're hearing strange noises when changing the gears. Our specialists at Junction 28 remaps will conduct a full diagnostic inspection. We'll supply and install your new clutch from just £250.

Junction 28 Remaps Clutch Replacement


Is your battery feeling a little flat? Or are you in need of a completely new battery? From just £40, we can guarantee you won't have to endure the inconvience of a flat battery. We'll test your battery power and fit a new one with 3 years warranty.

Junction 28 Remaps Car Battery Replacement

We're experts at servicing!

Junction 28 Remaps are your go-to service providers because we pride ourselves on making sure your engine is running good and healthy for as long as possible! From just £90, we'll do a vehicle servicing with parts.

  • Oil Changing

  • Changing Filters

  • Checking Levels

Air Con

  • Key Benefits

  • Demists your windows

  • Filters pollen, polluntants and airbourne bacteria

  • Cools air, improving air quality

There's a lot more to air conditioning than just cooling the inside of your car. When it's working properly, it helps filter out pollen, pollutants and airbourne bacteria. Therefore, it can greatly improve the quality of air inside your vehicle. At Junction 28 Remaps, from just £20, our expert technicians will recharge your conditioning unit. From just £27.50, you'll get an antibac freshener with your service!