Experts at servicing

Junction 28 Remaps offers expert servicing from just £90, incl parts

Oil Changing

Regularly changing your car's oil is like giving it a fresh drink. Clean oil lubricates moving parts, prevents wear and tear, and helps your engine run smoothly and efficiently.

Changing filters

Changing your filters regularly ensures clean fluids and air flow throughout your vehicle. This means to improved performance, better fuel efficiency

Checking Levels

Our comprehensive service includes checking your car's vital fluid levels – engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

MOT Drop off service

Our MOT Drop Off service takes care of delivering your vehicle to a testing centre, starting from just £40.

Expert Repairs Guaranteed Peace of Mind

More than Remaps: Junction 28 Remaps offers expert repairs and services, starting at £30/hour.

Junction 28 Remaps Brakes


Don't compromise on safety! Ensure smooth, reliable stopping power with our brake pad and disc replacement service, starting from just £90.

Junction 28 Remaps Suspension


Our experts perform thorough suspension repairs. Annual checks catch minor issues early, preventing costly repairs and keeping you safe on the road.

air con recharge


At Junction 28 Remaps, our expert technicians can recharge your air conditioning unit for a comfortable ride, starting from just £35.

Junction 28 Remaps Servicing Exhaust


Junction 28 Remaps offers expert exhaust repair services to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and safely.